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Could you be more frugal with food?

September 4, 2011

I have to say, ‘frugal’ is possibly one of my favourite words.  It’s got such a lovely ring to it.  And if you take its meaning, sparing or economical, esp. as regards food, it is definitely a word that chimes with my own personal values in terms of wasting as little food as possible.  I always prefer to get the best quality of produce I can afford and get the most from those ingredients, rather than buy cheap and darest I say it, nasty.

Inspired by a couple of food blogs I frequently read on this subject, namely The Frugal Cook by Fiona Beckett and Frugal Feeding, I’ve come up the idea of The Frugality Challenge.  Whilst deliberating on other ways I can waste less food and spend less on shopping, whilst still turning out delicious dinners, I stumbled upon a challenge that I thought would test my creativity, skills in the kitchen and commitment to food economy.

So, starting from today and with the buy-in of my man about the house, I shall cook only from the ingredients I have in the house with just three exceptions.  These are that I can:

1. Buy up to five extra ingredients a week, spending no more than a total of £10

2. Use the food that is growing in my garden – in short, that’s tomatoes, chard, raspberries, sage, rosemary, thyme and something that might, one day soon, resemble a romenesca cauliflower.

3. Use the food that I am given.  Examples are the two massive bags of cooking apples that my next-door neighbour brought round on Friday, and the fact that another neighbour, who is currently on holiday, said I could help myself to any of the fruit or veg in her veg box scheme delivery.

I’ve not done a big shop to prepare for this, but I do have quite a lot of meat in the freezer, which should help.  So you can get an idea of how well I might last, I’ve emptied the contents of my store cupboards onto the kitchen table and I’ll leave it there during the challenge.  I’ve also taken snaps of the inside of the fridge and the freezer.

And so the challenge begins!  Please come back regularly to see how I’m getting on and hopefully some of the food I’m ‘whipping’ up might give you ideas for similar things that you can do at home in your kitchen.

Maybe you’d like to let me know how you think I’ll get on in this quick poll…

  1. Lucinda permalink

    Loving the frugality challenge – may attempt it myself. You are very creative and inspirational. And I’m pleased to see a little dish of mine in there – the wantons! Keep up the good work x

    • Yes, you were definitely the inspiration for those wontons. In fact, you were partly the inspiration for the challenge in its entirety, my frugal friend! :o) x

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