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Day Five of The Frugality Challenge and a recipe for Baked Salmon and Noodles

September 8, 2011

Day Five of The Frugality Challenge and it’s becoming slightly harder.

I’ve been thinking really long and hard about the five items that I am going to buy for under a tenner this week, but everytime I think I’ve completed the list, I think of something else essential.  It currently stands at onions and chopped tinned tomatoes (because I’ve already run out of these), pasta shapes and pancetta (because they are such versatile ingredients and will complement a lot of what I already have) and milk, because the stuff in my fridge is now past its date.  And whilst I’m on that subject, I very guiltily threw away some whipping cream and a courgette yesterday, because they had definitely seen better days.  It felt like a bit of a blow to what I’m trying to achieve.

Anyway, to happier subjects and tonight’s delicious dinner. I adapted a Baked Salmon and Noodle dish that I discovered in Olive Magazine last year sometimes.  It’s one of my most favourite recipes because it takes about 17 minutes to cook from start to finish and gives me time to do most of the washing up whilst it is in the oven!  Fortunately I had a couple of packets of salmon fillets in the freezer.

1.  Cook up a nest of medium egg noodles per person.  I do that by popping them in a saucepan or bowl, covering with boiling water, popping on a lid and leaving for four minutes.  Drain and then refresh in cold water to stop them from cooking further.

2. One skinless salmon fillet per person – make sure any pin bones have been plucked out (nasty little monkeys, that they are!)  Take a sheet of greaseproof paper or tin foil per person.  Pop a portion of cooked noodles onto each sheet.  Add a quarter of sliced red pepper per person, plus about 10 water chestnuts per person (I cut them in half first, but you might like to leave them chunky).  Sit the salmon on top and then top that with a shredded spring onion per person, plus a pinch of cayenne pepper.

3. Combine 100ml of chicken stock per person with a tablespoon of mirin per person, half a tablespoon of soy sauce per person and half a teaspoon of sesame oil per person.  Pour equal amounts on top of the salmon piles, being careful not to let it escape.  Seal the parcels, pop them on a baking tray and cook for 13 minutes at Gas Mark 5.  Leave for a couple of minutes before moving the sealed parcels to a shallow bowl and serving up with a knife, fork and spoon (because the cooking liquid is fabulous to drink like soup at the end!)

Another variation I’ve done of this is to use spinach, chard or spring greens instead of the noodles.  It’s a very quick and low fat version, but do make sure you wash the greens well! You don’t need to cook them in advance, as they will cook plenty in the oven.

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