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A jarring glass of vino

July 17, 2012

When does hip and trendy just become naff?

When you get a luke-warm wine served in a jam jar and charged royally for the privelege, that’s when.

A few months back, I found myself with time on my hands in London with my work colleague and food-loving friend Gina, so we opted for a bite to eat.  Gina suggested Meat Liquor, although she gave a hasty health warning of “It’s like Marmite”.

Not being a person who likes to hate anything (except for Jelly; I do truly hate that), I went with an open mind.  Mildly perplexed by it’s ‘so dimly lit that you can hardly read the menu’ interior, I was even more challenged by the food arriving with the absence of plates and cutlery.  Apparently, ‘street food’ in a restaurant is to be appreciated with one’s hands.  Fair enough; I was willing to give it a crack.  Eating the Slaw was a bit tricky though, so we managed to coerce some of the old-fashioned stainless steel from a waitress to save mayonnaise coated-fingers.

The food was good; really good.  I’d thoroughly recommend you dine here for that point alone.  It was great value food too. I had a Mushroom Swiss [Cheese] Burger (£7.50), whilst Gina opted for the fully-loaded Chili Dog (£8).  It tasted fresh, meaty and American.  I was tipping towards ‘Love’ at this point.  And then I had a sip of my drink.

I can safely say I wasn’t courting the idea of wine in a jar when it arrived, but brandishing my open mind, I took a tenative sip.  I’ve always had a firm belief that white wine tastes best thoroughly chilled, in a fine, tall-stemmed wine glass and nothing and nobody should mess with that.  And most people don’t.  Because it doesn’t work. End of story.

If jars were ideal drinking implements, why would we be stuffing them with picked eggs and sugary jam?  Why would people be offloading them in their recycling bins by the tens of thousands? We could all save ourselves a fortune on Villeroy and Boch and sup our semillon Viognier from a vintage Branston instead.  It’s not cool, it’s shouldn’t be trendy and it certainly isn’t tasty.

Now I know why Gina ordered a bottle of beer.  She’d found her previous wine experience at Meat Liquor all too jarring as well.


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