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Busy doing nothing?

May 26, 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything.  But I was beginning to feel that if I didn’t take some time out to reflect and capture some of my thoughts on paper/screen then I would be in danger of life dashing off with them; never to be remembered.  So here I am.

I’ve feel that I’ve been too busy to blog and yet, I’m struggling to think what it is I’ve actually been doing for these past months.  And therein lies my problem – if I don’t stop myself in the midst of my ‘busyness’, I lose all perspective about why it was that I was so busy in the first place.  I don’t reward and congratulate myself for my achievements as I’m too busy to notice what they are.  And sometimes, time for the naked truth now, I’m not really busy at all.  I’m just filling my life with pointless guff.

Take Candy Crush for instance.  Not heard of it?  It’s this highly addictive game that my friends told me about on Facebook.  Oh and you can download it via an app on your smartphone too.  But don’t.  I got to about level 135 before I realised I had quite possibly spent the equivalent of three full days, or more, of my life playing it.  And what had I achieved at the end of it?  Was I more intelligent?  My husband assures me not.  Had I learnt anything?  Only how fat my fingers are, as I accidentally moved the wrong piece on my touch screen.  Did I feel rewarded?  Frustrated at not being able to complete levels quicker, yes.  Rewarded, no.

Yet, when I look at my handy Toodledo app (yes, I do have a penchant for smartphone apps – especially ones that organise my life for me!) I see that I could have used those three whole days to tackle some of the jobs that I’ve been putting off for months.  You could have asked me, “Dawn, what have you been doing with yourself” and I could have chirpily replied: “Well, I’ve repainted the front door/finished my shoes shelves/eBayed all that crap that’s been cluttering up the spare room for a year and made some cash so we can pay to get the kitchen repainted.  You should come round for dinner so you can see how nice the house looks”.  But instead, I’m hiding up in the spare room, trying to ignore the pile of crap that I haven’t yet eBayed, not glancing at the unfinished shoe shelves and hoping that the neighbour who just knocked to speak to my husband didn’t notice how incredibly shabby the front door is looking.

So, I’m glad I’ve invested the last 30 minutes in writing these thoughts down.  They’ve given me perspective and reminded me that, whilst it’s great to spend time relaxing and socialising, and even swapping thoughts, ideas, news and information on sites like Twitter and Facebook, there is no room in my life for pointless, time-sapping activities.

Oh, and I’ve deleted the Candy Crush app.


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