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Reading list to improve your poker skills

December 31, 2013

I’ve decided that 2014 is a year as good as any to try to improve my poker skills – both off and online. So I asked the good folk of Twitter for a bit of help with recommendations of what I should be reading and this is what the poker-playing community recommended:


The Mental Game of Poker – Jared Tendler / Barry Carter
Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker – Jonathan Little
Kill Everyone – Lee Nelson/ Tysen Streib (They don’t mince their words now, do they?!)
Phil Gordon’s Little Gold Book – Phil Gordon (I’ve read his green one – it’s good!)
Raiser’s Edge – Bertrand Grospellier / Lee Nelson / Tysen Streib
Reading Poker Tells – Zachary Elwood
Playing the Player – Ed Miller
Harrington on Hold’em – Dan Harrington
Treat your poker like a business – Dusty Schmidt


Two Plus Two Poker Forum
Cardrunners website
Victoria Coren’s Blogs for the Guardian (finished at the end of 2012):

University project to create perfect poker playing machine (thanks Nick, for finding this):

I’ll add to this list as I find others and remove any if I think they don’t help improve my game. Please do get in touch to let me know of any recommendations you may have. In the meantime, looks like I’ve got a spot of book-buying and reading to do! Good thing my other New Year’s Resolution is to read more…


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