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A spritz too far?

March 23, 2015

My husband showed me a picture he found on Twitter last week, advertising a Burger King scent

Would you wear the scent of Burger King’s famous Whopper?

Yep, I’m talking eau de toilette a la burger. Now whilst I don’t profess to be the biggest Whopper fan (I’m McDonald’s, through and through), I wouldn’t clap my hands in a demented-seal gleeful-type of action about eau de Big Mac either. Frankly, some scents should remain out of bottles, period.

Interestingly, this was just one week after a colleague shared with me a sniff of her new salted caramel spray. Bought from M&S (I’m not sure if it had its own brand), it was certainly a mouth-watering and enticing vapour but still not one I would entertain; I’d be too concerned for my utmost disappointment and likely gagging reflex when I couldn’t resist the urge to lick my skin. Yes, it did smell that good.

This led me to consider, as one does, what food scents I would try in place of my normal Paul Smith Rose. Here’s what I concluded:

1. Watermelon. I can’t help but see my 20-year old self on a sun-drenched, gentle-breeze-fanned Balearic beach when I smell this red-fleshed fruity beauty.

2. Cucumber. Keeping with the five-a-day theme, I love the refreshing and cooling properties of a cucumber and I think its smell would calm and relax even in the most fraught situations.

3. Bacon. Strange though it might sound, my best pals keep telling me that “everything tastes better with bacon”, so my logic is that it (and I) would smell better too. And if nothing else, at least my cat (and probably everyone else’s cats!) would want to snuggle up with me.

So, that’s my three random choices. What would your foodie scent be?

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