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Do you know what’s in your freezer?

November 22, 2015

We’ve been overdoing it a bit on the takeaways recently.  Multitude of excuses apply… working long hours; not taking or having the time to plan in advance; too cold/dark/wet to bother going out to the shops; they taste nice; can’t be arsed to cook – any one or combination of these are relevant.

And on occasion, to assuage my own guilt, I’ve transferred the blame on to my husband, snapping at him with ill-thought out comments like: ‘Well you could always cook something – there are plenty of things in the freezer, after all’.

But are there?  Are there really?  What is actually lurking in my freezer?  I found that not being able to answer that question with any degree of certainty has irritated me immensely because, as a keen cook and someone that doesn’t like to waste money or food, I thought I truly appreciated the value of my freezer.  And the more I’ve considered the situation, the more I realised that I’m not using it at all to my advantage and the more determined I am to put things right.  Not least because we are hoping to move house soon and I’ve just discovered I need £8,500 for Stamp Duty and that’s not bloody well going to pay for itself now, is it?! Fingers crossed there are some frozen £20s hiding behind the frozen peas!

Contents of Freezer

Anyway, I’ve now taken some positive action.  Yesterday, I went through the freezer and listed out everything that was lurking in its icy depths – pictured above.  Alas, it seems I’ve not frozen my assets in a forgotten moment…  It also seems that I don’t know how to spell Mediterranean (had to look it up just now – no effort spared for the readers of my blog!).

The good news is that it’s a great place to start when I’m planning the dinners for the week, or when I’m looking to take some lunch to work to save emptying my purse.  Not sure what I’m going to do with some of these ingredients (filo pastry dipped in egg yolk, anyone?) but at least I know what’s there now and I can make a concerted effort not to waste it. I’ve already used two of the things that I’d forgotten I had.  Maybe I should do this for my dry store cupboard too…

I’m feeling excited about this.  Feel’s like a mini-Dawn project in the making…

This begs the question, do you know what’s in your freezer?


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