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There’s just no substitute for chips

March 16, 2016

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Those of you that have been reading my blog for a while will know that I’ve been attempting a low-carb lifestyle for a few years now.  At the start of each year, we begin really strong – about 80% low carb (which is a healthy balance – you can’t completely avoid them, as most vegetables contain them…).  Each year, we’ve lasted for longer and longer and it’s become easier and more habitual.  This year, I think we’ve finally nailed it – it’s March already (where did January and February trot off to?!) and we’re still in a great routine – most weekday meals are low carb, with the odd bit of wine and bread snuck in here and there.  Monday night’s dinner of Keema Pav (pictured below) is an example of the ‘sneaking’ bread…

Keema Pav

Keema Pav, an Indian-style street food dish

If we’ve got a busy weekend, or are at friends’ houses, we relax a little more and go with the flow.  That brings me on to a couple of weeks ago, when we made a return trip to the beautiful city of Bruges (you can read all about my first trip and my recommendations on this previous post).

As Bruges is the home of beer, chips (or frites) and chocolate, it would have been a waste not to have indulged a little.  And you know what they say…everything in moderation.  Ok, so maybe Hubs didn’t get that memo as he tried to eat his bodyweight in frites; but he had been amazing up until this time.  A few years ago, he wouldn’t have considered it a ‘dinner’ unless it was piled high with carbs.  Now he only raises an eyebrow when there’s not enough meat across the week’s menu.

The point I’m doing a terrible job of coming to is this… When in Bruges, a friend asked us to give him some tips on low-carb eating – “what do you substitute for the chips?”, he enquired.  And it’s a question we get asked a lot.  And I’ve tried celeriac chips and vegetable crisps.  But the truth is, if chips, or bread, or rice, or beer, or cider, or any other high-carb food/drink-stuff is your thing, there really is no low-carb substitute that will give you the same satisfaction.  So you’re better off adjusting without it the majority of the time and really enjoying it when you do get the chance.   That’s how I tackle my love of pizza and ice cream – I indulge probably about once every two months and thoroughly enjoy the experience.  No guilt and no need to feel like I’ve taken any steps away from a healthier lifestyle.  And it’s amazing how heightened the pleasure is when it becomes a rare treat.  Don’t try banning it from your diet forever, because you’ll then spend your time fixating on it all the time.  Just recognise it as a treasured treat…

What’s your food obsession that you just couldn’t live without?


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  1. I can’t stomach carbs now, reading the science has put me off. Lucky I love bacon and my wife is a baker and makes low carb cakes and bread etc.

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